New Facebook Group Limited for Members We have created a Facebook Group which has controlled access to members only. This will allow members to communicate between each other, allow us to communicate to you all, or just an individual, allow you to raise topics for discussion, notify members of events and generally provide information about events/topics. We urge you to join the Group. You will need a Facebook login; this can be achieved by joining Facebook on www.facebook.com. If you are worried about putting personal details on Facebook you can limit what you put up and what is displayed. Facebook keep changing the way to get to GROUPS but look for them on the LHS, maybe in the ‘more’ area. Go to Groups, search for CUKPA and Request to Join. This will send us a message, we will authorise and then you can access. Facebook control the security. Our intent is to use the Group for up to date news, info of events, problems etc. It will also allow members to communicate with each other, without necessarily disclosing their personal details and for us to communicate with all members. The site also includes topics that members can hold a discussion on. For info re privacy: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/the-complete-guide-to-facebook-privacy/ We are now receiving via the Chevron Crude & Refined Club holiday offers. Because of there immediate nature we are only putting them on the FaceBook Group site. Please look for bargains there. New LinkedIn Group Limited for Members Please join Dave Poulter at www.linkedin.com and also join our Group ” Chevron UK Pensioners’ Association , CUKPA” this will have our latest communications and assist us in informing you. You can also meet other colleagues and start/join in on some of the discussions.