The Association

The Chevron UK Pensioners’ Association is here to assist pensioners, deferred pensioners, and pensioners’ spouses by keeping a watching brief over Company pension issues and activities, and by meeting regularly with the Company to raise issues of concern to pensioners.

We publish “Insight” our newsletters, bi-annually and have this very informative website with numerous links to other helpful sites.

We have good contacts in Barnett Waddingham, Chevron’s Total Remuneration, UK Retiree Welfare Programme,  plus Chevron US Total Remuneration, and the US Chevron Retiree Association, as well as other pensioners groups.

We have been working for Company pensioners since 1980. We assist members with issues related to pensions where we are qualified to do so.

The committee has representatives from most areas of the UK, and most areas of the company.

Committee Members