Chevron UK Pensioners’ Association



The name of the Association shall be Chevron UK Pensioners’ Association (the Association).


Membership of the Association shall be open to all past employees of Gulf, Texaco, Chevron, ChevronTexaco or its predecessor Companies who are in receipt, either actual or deferred, of a pension from the Chevron UK Pension Plan, or upon their decease, their surviving spouses. Membership of the Association shall also be open to UK nationals entitled to a pension from a Chevron pension plan other than the Chevron UK Pension Plan, or upon their decease, their surviving spouses.


The Association shall be a non-profit, independent organisation consisting of retired employees of Chevron or its predecessor companies, dedicated to the promotion of the interests of all Association members, and with the following objectives:-

▪ To recommend to the Chevron management improvements in the economic well             being of Association members, such as pension supplements and other benefits to         ease the effects of inflation.
▪ To promote and facilitate personal contacts among Association members for their             mutual interest.

▪ To maintain ongoing contacts with the Chevron Management

           : o To assist where appropriate with dissemination of information on the                                 Company’s plans and operations, if requested to do so by the Company and

              o Keep them apprised of Association member problems and concerns.

▪ Where possible encourage Association members in efforts to improve the public              image of Chevron and to support the Company in its relations with government              and regulatory agencies.


a. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held not earlier than 1 September                 and not later than 15 December each year.

b. An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) shall be held within 30 days after                     receipt by the Secretary of a written request signed by not less than 20 paid up               Members and specifying the purpose for which the Meeting is to be called.

c. All Members shall be entitled to receive a minimum 21 days notice of meetings                and a proxy voting form. Non-receipt of notice despatched to any member shall               not invalidate the proceedings at any meeting.


At any General Meeting the Quorum shall be seven Members present in person.


a. The Committee of the Association shall be composed of not less than seven or                 more than ten members (normally nine), with as far as practicable a                                representative balance of the UK regional membership. To this end members                  will be elected to reflect centres of pensioner population with no more than two                 members per population centre being eligible for election; where this is not                     achieved other population centres can exceed two.

b. Members shall be elected for a period of three years. Members standing down                may offer themselves for re-election.

c. Prospective members shall be proposed, seconded and shall have agreed in                   writing to stand. The Secretary should receive completed nominations not less                than seven days before the AGM.

d. An election shall be held at the AGM, if there are more nominations than                          places available.

e. Unless otherwise stated in the Constitution Elections and Resolutions at                         AGM’s and EGM’s shall be carried by a simple majority of proxy vote and                         members present.

f. Any officer or member of the Committee may resign at any time by giving                       notice in writing to the Secretary.

g. The Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy from the Associations membership by co-option. The co-opted member must retire but may be nominated for re election at the next AGM.


a. The Committee shall each year elect from their own number the Officers of the                Association, namely a Chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer. Each member of              the Committee shall have a distinct responsibility for some speciality or                            deputise  for an Officer of the Committee.

b. A Committee meeting quorum shall be not less than four members.

c. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt any Member of the Association                 for any specific purpose that they consider desirable.

d. The Committee shall have the power to expend Association funds to pay fees,                service costs, reasonable travel and similar expenses etc. appropriate to the                  benefit of the Association.


a. The annual subscription shall be determined by the Committee

b. The subscription shall be payable each year from the anniversary of the date of               joining.

c. Failure to pay the annual subscription will result in membership lapsing.

d. The Committee may invest funds of the Association not immediately required on             such terms as the Committee thinks fit.


a. Any amendment to the Constitution shall require the affirmative vote of more than         two thirds of members in the aggregate of those who have voted by proxy and                  votes of those present at the appropriate AGM or EGM.

b. The Association shall be dissolved on the affirmative vote of more than two thirds           of members in the aggregate of those who have voted by proxy and votes                       of those present at the General Meeting convened for this purpose. 

c. Any surplus assets shall be donated to a charity chosen by the majority of those              members present at the time of resolution to wind up.


No member of the Association shall, except for professional services rendered at the request of the Committee, on any pretence or in any manner receive any profit, salary or emoluments from the funds of the Association.


No variance in the Constitution of the Chevron UK Pension Plan by termination, merger, division, or otherwise of the Company shall effect the right to become or remain a member of the Association or the existence of the Constitution.

6th Nov 2018.