CUKPA Membership Application Form

Welcome to our new Membership System.

After Registration your application will be checked for eligibility and payment confirmation of your first membership fee. This is £10 per year up to age 80 then £5. Prepayment of future years is welcome!

(Optional:) During Registration we are carrying out a survey to establish your interest in a Pensioners’ Visitor Scheme as run by the Company in the past. This would be a virtual or physical visitor making contact at a frequency you specify.

Or perhaps you would be interested in being a Volunteer providing this service or the organiser of a local face to face meetup group or even providing online events?

We look forward to your responses as, with sufficient support, this would be a new benefit of membership of the CUKPA

The Dashboard button is for convenience during testing only

Privacy Notice

Your data will be seen and used only by the Committee of CUKPA for the purposes of the Association. It will be held in a secure database and will not be disclosed to third parties or any other member of the Association without your express permission.

If you provide a social media or personal website link or agree to attend the AGM on Zoom, then you are also giving permission to be contacted via that platform and by email for the AGM Zoom link.