A Note about GOGB by Alex Heymer

Gulf Oil GB

The year was 1967, I walked into the Gulf offices at Dagenham dock and saw the traffic clerk and asked if there was any driving vacancies. He said, “when the other two drivers come in we will issue you a donkey jacket and two boiler suits and you can then go home because we have no work “ I said “do I get paid”, and was told “yes“.

I said, that’s ok then because of the pension scheme, He said, sit at that desk and fill in the application forms instead of having to come back with them.

In due course I had a driving test and was given a starting date , on the Saturday prior to me starting on the Monday I had a phone call from the manager and he said, “ Are you still ok for starting Monday”, I was ok, he then went on to say, I am sorry to put you on this but I desperately need an extra driver on nights and as you know we do shift work could you possibly start nights, I said, I could, and he said, we look forward to seeing you at 10 o’clock Monday night.

This happened all the week and I later found out that drivers volunteered for nights because there was little work and they could do their decorating at home.

So much for the extra driver on nights. I decide that I could like this job and stayed for twenty years and ten with Tankfreight when they took over the Gulf contract.